Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beginnings and ending...

Well, it's time to join the rest of my generation and start the (intimidating? time-wasting? tmi?) act of blogging. Here we are, almost eight months into our wedded life, and things are about to change rapidly. My lovely wife (the Tara of TNT) will be opening her new show, The Ballad of Molly Malone, next weekend, as well as open a show at Wichita Childrens Theater called Click Clack Moo. In the meantime, we continue the search for a new vehicle to replace my old warhorse, the 1993 Olds Cutlass Supreme, while not being taken by any of the numerous salemen clamoring to sell us their wares. Turkey (our dog and the last part of TNT) has made great strides in his behavior, and through constant love and LOTS of Beggin' Strips is becoming a wonderful part of our family. This dog is AWESOME!!! I continue to look for teaching work in the KC area while still slugging it out in Wichita, but times are tough and the work is rare. But have no fear, true believers: good will win out in the end and we'll have the lives we've been hoping for. We start audition prep for upcoming shows next week, and then REALLY start looking for places to live up in KC. May 1 is right around the corner, and this time we ARE leaving town!!! Future, here we come!!!

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